We support you with our broad range of expertise in the field of all sensor technologies as well as in the development of electronic hardware, firmware and prototype series as well as the miniaturization and optimization of existing systems. Our intelligent sensor systems help you, thanks to efficient data analysis procedures, state-of-the-art modeling solutions and evaluation algorithms.

You want to integrate Industry 4.0 solutions into your existing plants quickly and easily, but don't currently have the necessary know-how? Performance and user-friendliness characterize our SensorBeaconSystem as a total solution for predictive maintenance and condition monitoring. Our clear dashboard provides the relevant key figures for you, plug & play!

Sensors and Sensorsystems

  • Development and construction of prototype series
  • Electronics and embedded development
  • Minimization and optimization of existing systems
  • Signal processing and

IIoT Solutions

  • Smart wireless sensor technology (BLE, NFC, Cellular IoT: LTE-M, NB-IoT)
  • Low-Power Sensorsystems
  • Edge Computing Systems
  • Cloud platform for sensor networks

Innovation Management

  • Literature and patent research
  • Feasibility studies
  • Concept verification
  • Setup of technology demonstrators

cooperative and funded projects

  • Partner scouting for technology cooperations
  • Conception and application of innovative research and development projects
  • Technical participation


Your step towards Industry 4.0:

Realize predictive maintenance and condition monitoring in your company with our SensorBeaconSystem!

  • Data acquisition using miniaturized, battery-powered ultra-low-power wireless sensor beacons (five or more years)
  • Data processing and transfer through gateways to store the data in a SensorCloud
  • Further processing based on application and customer-specific apps in the cloud
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We support you in adapting the platform to your specific needs.