Our field of expertise covers optical, magnetic and electrical sensor systems with a focus on the following topics:

Sensors and Sensorsystems

  • Development and construction of prototype series
  • Electronics and embedded development
  • Minimization and optimization of existing systems
  • Signal processing and

IIoT Solutions

  • Smart wireless sensor technology (BLE, NFC, Cellular IoT: LTE-M, NB-IoT)
  • Low-Power Sensorsystems
  • Edge Computing Systems
  • Cloud platform for sensor networks

Innovation Management

  • Literature and patent research
  • Feasibility studies
  • Concept verification
  • Setup of technology demonstrators

cooperative and funded projects

  • Partner scouting for technology cooperations
  • Conception and application of innovative research and development projects
  • Technical participation


Your step towards Industry 4.0:

Realize predictive maintenance and condition monitoring in your company with our SensorBeaconSystem!

  • Data acquisition using miniaturized, battery-powered ultra-low-power wireless sensor beacons (five or more years)
  • Data processing and transfer through gateways to store the data in a SensorCloud
  • Further processing based on application and customer-specific apps in the cloud
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We support you in adapting the platform to your specific needs.